How to Plan A Stylish & Child Friendly Wedding

Whether it’s your own children, the little ones of friends or family; planning a stylish, Fine Art wedding with children doesn’t have to be a conundrum.

As both parents and Fine Art Wedding photographers we’ve put together our own Do’s and Don’ts for curating a delightful child friendly wedding, without compromising the aesthetics.


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Dele Seyi + Jade Rochelle 


DON’T: Concede Your Style

Having children at your wedding shouldn’t dilute your wedding day vision.  In your wedding dreams if you see yourself as a bohemian, free-spirited bride, then be that bride.  Having a child’s floral crown or mini corsage at every child table setting (alongside craftsy kiddy favours) would compliment a boho, off beat wedding and help any children to live the experience too. Whatever your wedding day vibe rather than trying to achieve your vision despite the children, think creatively about curating the wedding of your dreams cohesively embracing the children you’ve invited.

DO: Choose An Appropriate Venue

Appropriate doesn’t have to mean typical or expected. If you’ve always hated the idea of a traditional wedding venue and you pine for a quirky setting don’t allow your guests to affect your preferences, even the mini guests. That being said, do consider the facilities. You want your guests to be comfortable and that includes any children and babies too. Harmonize your needs as parents along with your visual preferences. When doing your venue recce be direct in asking parent centered questions like:

  • Where can I / my guests breast-feed?
  • What are the baby food / milk heating provision like?
  • Can I see the baby changing rooms?

If your venue recognize that your booking hinges on how satisfied you are as parents and not just as the ‘Bride & Groom’ they will likely be significantly more accommodating.


DON’T:  Assume A Nanny is Needed

To kids table or not? Some love the freedom of the wedding kiddy corner but for others the thought being corralled away by the wedding Nanny is not so appealing. You’ve decided to have children at your wedding because you want them to be there. Don’t feel obligated to arrange a kid’s corner just because the wedding guides say you ought to. Perhaps position an optional children’s chill out zone in a central area (flanked by parents who can monitor their food intake!) rather than in a corner or separate side room. Design the chill out zone to fit in with your wedding style. If you’re having an outdoorsy wedding, why not have same hay bales with animal masks and animal face paintings? If you’re planning a more black-tie affair why not have a red kiddy carpet with dress up bow ties, fascinators, feather boas, moustaches?

DO: Design a Drinks List for All Invited Guests 

If a champagne reception or cocktail party wedding soiree is your flavor then create a child friendly drinks menu too. Having non-alcoholic drinks and virgin cocktails on arrival will be a guaranteed hit with older children and parents of thirsty kids alike.  Also, why not ask the venue to have a few vessels of hot water ready on arrival too. That way any baby bottles or food pouches and jars can be quickly warmed up so hungry babies & toddlers can be comforted and soothed. After all, happy children equals happy parents and happy babies equals happy everyone!


Planning a stylish wedding can be stressful but planning a stylish wedding with children doesn’t need to be any more so. Children bring a warmth and whimsy to a wedding that can never be replicated so celebrate the children you’ve invited rather than try to ‘manage’ them. Even if a few champagne glass get knocked over and someone’s Sophia Webster’s get stepped on when you look back at your wedding albums we know you’ll be delighted that the little ones were there!