Contemporary, Fine Art Wedding Photography

Natural. Relaxed. Modern.


With so many different styles of wedding photography choosing a wedding photographer that is right for you and your wedding can be a challenge. 

It’s  fair to say we have an artistic leaning towards fine art wedding photography styling but we are more than just traditional fine art wedding photographers. We take pride in our contemporary approach which means our wedding photography is modern, natural & relaxed.

We favour simplicity over fussiness, we choose light over shadow and we always opt for raw emotion over heavy posing. For us combining contemporary wedding photography with fine art aesthetics is all about curating a beautiful, print worthy collection of natural, modern and relaxed wedding photographs.

Taking your wedding photographs is more than just a clicking and shooting. As contemporary fine art wedding photographers, we want to capture the essence and vibe of your wedding day in a way that is more delightful than you even remember. We want you to look back at your wedding photographs in years to come and be very, very happy that you choose a natural, relaxed and modern fine art wedding photographer…that you chose us.

Do the short quiz below to find your wedding photography style match!

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Dele Seyi + Jade Rochelle


What Do You Want From Your Wedding Photography?


A) We want a print worthy collection of images, that we can proudly show off to family and friends.

B) We want the day documented, but we don’t mind never printing the pictures or care about ever having a photo album.

Would You Say A Natural & Relaxed Photography Approach Is...


A) Very important. We’d prefer our photographer to be unobtrusive and feel like part of the celebrations.

B) Not very important. We want lots of formal and posed photographs and need a photographer to organise it all.

Do You Want An Exclusively Documentary and Journalistic Style Coverage of Your Wedding Day?


A) No. We want beautiful, romantic images with a degree of candour but as we’re not used to being photographed some discreet styling & gentle guidance  would be best.

B) Yes. We don’t want any interruptions from the photographer at all. We want a ‘warts and all’ coverage of our wedding day …good, bad and ugly.

How Important is Creative Photography and Effects To You?


A) Not so important. We prefer a natural, relaxed and modern approach to go with our contemporary and stylish wedding aesthetic.


B) We really like the idea of smoke bombs, wacky photography and would appreciate lots of photoshop effects.

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Mostly A’s

It seems like your wedding day vision suits our photography style prefectly. We’re contemporary, fine art wedding photograhers with a natral, relaxed and modern approach. If you like our portfolio and vibe then why not get in touch and see if your wedding date is available.


Mostly B’s

We are sure your wedding day is going to be amazing. We’re not sure if we are quite the right match but if you like the look of our work and the sound of our approach & style we’d love hear all about your plans so why not get in contact


**With special thanks to the amazing:

Venue: Holme Flower Farm

Bridal Gown: Cherry Williams London 

Bridal Flowers: Firenza Flowers

Bridal Veil: Agnes Hart

Hair & MUS: Victoria Farr MUA

Wedding Cake: Poppy Pickering Cakes

Linen & Silk: The Natural Dye Works

Styling: L27 Weddings

Creative Direction & Mentor: Holly Rattray