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dear Potential Client

If you are reading this it’s because you’re in the process of booking us for your wedding photography. Yay! Firstly, we are so happy that you are here and that you are considering commsioning us for your wedding photography. Secondly, although we all tend to skim through the small print please do take the time you need to review our terms and conditions information on this page.

Your wedding day is such a precious occasion and we want you to be fully versed on how we will work on the day, know what you can expect from us and understand what we need so we can give you the best wedding photography service we can. 

There are also some discount options and important legal points regarding Data Protection that we need to let you know.

Dele Seyi  + Jade Rochelle



The Package

Our standard wedding package includes:

8 hours wedding photography coverage

Your images edited in our signature contemporary fine art style

Unlimited planning & consultation prior to the wedding

Set of high resolution digital images from the day

400 + images

Online password protected gallery + App, with print ready downloads

This package is customisable and you do have the option to add additional hours coverage, a second photographer and a pre-wedding portrait session / engagement photoshoot.


How To Book

Our standard wedding photography package is £1300.00.

There is 50% non-refundable booking fee which is deductible from the total balance.

Booking fee payment  (made via BACS transfer) along with full acceptance of the terms and conditions of contract will secure the time and services of the Photographer for the wedding.

The remaining 50% balance must be paid via BACS transfer no later than 12 weeks prior to the event.



The Photography Schedule

Our standard photography package is for 8 hours. We will begin at a scheduled start time and continue until an agreed end time or until we are happy with the range of images taken, although this may exceed the agreed end time.

We don’t accept responsibility for any images that are not taken due to any delays through out the day.

We will always aim to exceed your expectations but again we can’t take responsibility for unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances which impact our ability to capture all the photographs you have requested.


The Photography Arrangement

The details of the arrangements are to be agreed at least 10 days before the event and completion of the Seyi + Rochelle Photography Questionnaire is required. The Client shall notify us of any changes to these details in writing.

We cannot be held liable for delays or interruption in our delivery of the photography service until any changes are received, and acknowledged in writing.

Seyi + Rochelle Photography are to be the main and only photographers taking photographs on the day (except non professional photographs taken by wedding guests).

Meals & Breaks

If our photography coverage exceeds 5 hours then we ask you to provide a meal for us. We don’t expect a full wedding breakfast or to be seated with your guests. Either a bar tab, if food is available at the bar or a supplier meal provided by the venue specifically for the wedding vendors is really appreciated. We request that you arrange for us to have a meal beacuse:

a) during part the wedding breakfast we will still actually be working; backing up and reviewing your images and preparing for the next part

b) many wedding venues do not permit people to bring in food that has been purchased externally and will only serve food to non wedding guests after the wedding breakfast has been served which is when we have to start working again

c) we only take a 30 – 45 minute break and at some wedding venues this time period is not sufficient to leave the venue, locate, buy and consume  food and get back to work within a 45 minute time frame. This is especially true of more remote wedding venues or central London wedding venues on a Friday or Saturday afternoon / evening.

We will consult with you to ensure that any other shorter breaks in the day don’t coincide with any key events at your wedding.


Images & Group Shots

We know how important group shots are and will try to  accommodate them at your request. Group shots can take a long time to co-ordinate so we recommend  8 –  10 group images in total (excluding the bridal party) and ask you to allow 2 – 4 minutes per group shot in your wedding day schedule. We will need you to provide a list of names for each group image  and nominate someone who can assist us in identifying the people you want in the group arrangements.  We will try our hardest to co-ordinate any group images to the best of our ability but ultimaely it is the responsibility of the wedding co-ordinator to ensure the all bridal party and guests know where the need to be at what time so we don’t take any responsibility for group photographs not taken, or for people missing from group photographs.

We have full artistic license in relation to the poses photographed and the locations used. The style and the number of photographs are dependent on the weather and the availability and willingness of you both and your guests.

We will try our best to honour any requested photographs but can’t guarantee that we will capture any specific pictures, incorporate any specific backgrounds, locations or group arrangement. At certain venues, our movements are restricted by the official in charge so the area from which we can cover the event may not be our choice. We can’t accept responsibility for any obstructed view should our movements be restricted.

All images will be edited as per our own judgement and editing style. The number of and editing style of the images put forward to you shall be deemed correct.



Cancellations & Unforseen Ocurrences

You can cancel this contract at any time by giving us written notice but in doing so any payments paid will be forfeited. If you  give cancellation notice within 14 days of receipt of your booking fee we will refund you the full ammount of your booking fee.

All cancellations must be in writing.

If  we need to cancel this contract due to any cause beyond our control before your wedding we will a) return all payments in full and b) make suggestions for photographers we know and respect – although so far this has neer happened!.

In the unlikely event of an emergency occuring on the day of your wedding which prevents us from attending your celebration, we reserve the right to appoint another photographer to attend on our behalf to undertake the photography to his/her best ability.

We check all of our equipment regularly and reasonable steps are taken to ensure backup equipment is available, but will not be responsible for photographs that are not produced due to technical failure.



We own all photographs taken by us. You have the right to use or share any of the images as you see fit but they must not be provided to other wedding vendors e.g the make up artist, florist, venue, band etc.  because the images cannot be used for commercial gain. They must ocontact us directly if they want use of any of our images from yoru wedding.

You must not be edit, apply filters, crop or alter the images in any way.

The images supplied will be under license and the copyright is never available for purchase.



Social Media 


To secure future wedding photography commisons we do need to have an online presence and a fresh portfolio of work to showcase. In recognition of being able to use your images for our portfolios we are offering £75 off the total wedding package for any couple who grants full permission for us to use their wedding images on the below online platforms.

  • Instagram – seyirochellephotography
  • Instagram stories – seyirochellephotography
  • Facebook Business Page – seyirochellephotography
  • Website –
  • Printed editorial features (magazines)
  • Online editorial features
  • Our marketing (leaflets, posters, business cards)


Your Privacy Request 

We will always respect your request for privacy if you decide to decline our social media discount.

We do reserve the rights to post details images (flowers, locations, scenic shots) without using any names, people or faces as a marketing tool even if privacy has been requested. The £75.00 discount offered is only valid if full use is granted although it does not mean that images will be used across all platforms.


During Your Wedding & Your Responsibility 

Since the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) every client has the right to know where images from their wedding day get used, how they are used, where they are stored, the length of time they are stored for and what happens once you have recieved them.

We capture photographs on either two or four cameras depending on how may photographers are covering your celebrations. This means we use between 2 – 8 SD memory cards which are generally backed up once during the day. We normally take a 30 – 45 minute break during the guest meals and use this time to ensure our images are backed up.

If there are any guests who cannot have their photographs taken (foster / adoption or looked after children, witness protection participants or special forces and intelligence services) then it is your responsibility and / or the responsibility of the guest to ensure that these persons are identified prior to the wedding.



After Your Wedding & Storing Your Data

During the editing process, your images are stored on two separate drives, one hard drive and one cloud drive. This is to protect your images and our work in the case of theft of the physical hard drive and or loss (e.g fire). Once the editing process is complete your images will be converted to JPEG then a) uploaded to a new folder within the same master folder as the RAW images from your day located on both hard drive and cloud and b) uploaded to Pixieset. You will be sent a link along with a download PIN and PASSWORD to access your online gallery.

Your Pixieset gallery will be deleted 6 weeks after the link is sent to you.  If there are any issues with any images then you must contact us with 1 month of receiving your images. We do not send RAW unedited images to clients and RAW files from your wedding day will be retained for 24 months.

If you have opted for a Fine Art Wedding Album then we will send your images to our printer for the sole purpose of creating your albums.

Initial website enquiries don’t contain any personal information except names and venue information. Once you have completed a Seyi + Rochelle Questionnaire and paid your booking fee his information will be deleted. Seyi + Rochelle Questionnaires are e-mailed and held on our password protected computer system until your wedding images are delivered. No data stored electronically is used for marketing purposes.

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