Should you Plug In or Unplug Your Wedding

Insta Wed or Insta Ban?

Social media is everywhere, all the time. Despite that, more and more brides and grooms are opting to forgo the wedding hashtags in favour of creating a more authentic, more intimate wedding day experience. Are you toying with the idea of an unplugged wedding? Did you have a plugged in, fully uploaded  wedding and now wish you hadn’t. And what is this latest wedding trend really all about? Read more…

What Is an Unplugged wedding?

Essentially an unplugged wedding is one where the Bride & Groom ask their guests to disconnect from their devices during the ceremony or even for the whole day. The intention is for guests to genuinely experience and live the wedding day moment rather than watching it through a screen or viewfinder. Some brides and grooms also request that if any pictures are taken at any point, they don’t get uploaded to social media.

Digital Disengage

There’s no doubt that selfies and live insta stories do have their place. But you hired a professional photographer to take beautiful photographs of your wedding day and not battle for space with camera-happy guests all shimmying for the best vantage point. Once your wedding day pictures dance across social media feeds, you may feel that some of the authenticity of the day has been diluted.

Insta Loving

Maybe your wedding snap chat filter has featured pretty high on your priority list. Perhaps you’ve spent hours mulling over the perfect wedding hashtag. Possibly you and your other half have got dibs on who’s ‘Mr & Mrs’ pic will get the most likes. In that case, very likely you’ll be embracing a tech-friendly celebration and will welcome phones, tablets and cameras at your wedding day. After all, if you want your nuptials to reflect the cultural references of your wedding day era, there will probably be a strong digital presence.

A Penny For Them

Having had the privilege of photographing different types of weddings up and down the country we can honestly see the pro’s and cons of both options. It’s actually particularly quite emotive to see the caught on camera images that friends have managed to snap. It’s also refreshing to photograph a bride walking down the aisle and not have the glare of multiple devices beaming through the viewfinder. We do love an unplugged wedding but we also love weddings where people are being people, phones and all. What do you think? Did you have an upload ban or a social media black-out? Love the idea of an unplugged wedding? Or are you in “the more tags the merrier’ camp? Share your thoughts below….